Use our 3Q SDN API to automate your publishing workflows.

The API Key is assigned to a user and inherits the user's rights. This makes it possible to create a new user for access via the API and to manage the required rights separately. You can find the API Key in 3Q SDN under Account -> My Account -> API Access Key.
In order to test authentication, paste your API Key in the box at the top right of this page and use the Sandbox under "01.00 Welcome".
The REST API is stateless, which means that for each request the X-AUTH-APIKEY header must be set for authentication. The sandbox does this automatically but does not show it under "Curl Command Line".
The REST API can only be reached via https, which means that the transmission of the X-AUTH-APIKEY header is also encrypted.

The System Structure is basically divided into two kinds of projects: Platform (VoD) Projects have several separate files, while Livestream Projects only have one channel each. This corresponds to the user interface.

For further details see the relevant section below.